Samstag, 15. Juli 2017

At the Goethe Museum Düsseldorf: Part 3

This sketch is the view from the upper west side window of the Goethe Museum Düsseldorf. It shows part of the Hofgarten and in the fainting back the top of the Dreischeibenhaus.

Upper West Side View from Goethe Museum Düsseldorf - Ink & Wash

Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017

At the Goethe Museum Düsseldorf: Part 2

Trying to get more drawings done for the Urban Sketching exhibition end of august.

Ilioneus statue at the Goethe Museum Düsseldorf

Montag, 10. Juli 2017

At the Goethe Museum Düsseldorf

For an exhibition at the Goethe Museum Düsseldorf end of august this year, our Urban Sketchers Group met last Sunday to get some more work done. I concentrated on a couple of busts, drawing with brown ink & wash on old sheets of paper, found in an old cupboard.

Schiller Bust - at Goethe Museum Düsseldorf

Goethe Bust - at Goethe Museum Düsseldorf

Samstag, 25. März 2017

At the Rhein - Ruder Gesellschaft Benrath (Duesseldorf)

The sun today had sunburn quality, which I enjoyed very much! We were at a baptismal service with family and afterwards went to the 'Ruder Gesellschaft Benrath' to feast together. The break between dessert and coffee and cake we spent at the Rhein on a bench.

Montag, 13. Februar 2017

Fit to go wall?

One thing my wife keeps complaining about, is, that I paint and draw so tiny. Those little sketchbooks are okay, fine, you know. But can't hang'em on the wall! Alright, maybe it should be more of a focus. Not like, there is nothing to show off from my past ambitions. It has been a while, though, since my mind was set on framing. Good idea then, to stay comfy in my zone for now and use pen and ink and not mess with colors, thinner, medium, etc.

I remember, turning right on a shopping street in Ljubljana last year, going through that dark archway, 'cause I spotted a painting on an easel back there. Kind of wasn't ready for that slap-in-the-face backyard romantic!

Do you sometimes dream about homes? A new home? Like a really, really beautiful one, out of this world home, maybe even surreal? I do. A little bit more rent? Moving? Jep... plays into it, even then. What the hell! For this, I sacrifice. And waking up, carrying the beauty you found into reality. Lately, it is hard to spot. Got to really look for it! If it's a dream, well, fine. Actually seeing, experiencing, pushing your effort and idea out into the world, maybe as a drawing... it is all about dwelling, extending the fade out.

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016

Missing the wedding ceremony can turn out in a painting

I had one job at our neighbours' wedding: 'Stay by the car and watch it. If necessary, drive away out of the non-parking-zone.' Which meant, I will miss the ceremony in the church,... but, ok. Usually, I take my drawing stuff wherever I go. Most of the time, I just feel good having it with me. At the wedding day, though, I got motivated to use it. While killing some time with a pencil sketch, the cute, little wedding car drew some attention with by-passers. Colouring and framing it wasn't the first idea. But hey, if it turns out ok, it could well be a nice after-present for the couple.

Gouache Painting 
The original Beauty

Sonntag, 13. November 2016

A discovery, we could not have hoped for!

Look at those fine, accurate lines. One letter, one word almost perfectly matching the other! Endlessly practicing. Do you see writing like this often? I think, we can agree on, that this is a skill, mastery of handwriting, calligraphy, art? Nope, no art. Those are pictures I took from 8th grade school books of my grandmother from 1922. My mother found them stored away in an old box which had not been opened for a long, long time. Surviving centuries of family history, moving around the country from place to place, collecting dust in dark basements.

So, it is 'just' school. And I hope, I am not alone here! I could not believe, and I cried out turning page after page, the precision and how beautiful the words are written. And she was not even gifted in the arts and drawing. Six or seven small books were stacked in an old, beautiful red binder. Mostly handwriting or calligraphy classes, which seemed to be an integral part throughout the years of school, a math book and a book from the art class. One day, then 15 years of age, my granny probably came home from her last day of school and threw her schoolbag in some corner. This might just be the state, in which that bag was in, when my mother found it in the box two months ago.

The back front of the red binder reveals part of the timetable. Also, two postcards slipped out. The darker one saying a 'Happy Birthday' and the other hinting at a lost 'Ladys Fan Talk' (Fächer-Sprache) with a quote 'What the Fan denies, fair Love yet desires'.


Of course, I took a look into the school bag. Could have been, that there are pens or other writing instruments to be found. Sadly, after opening the hardened leather lid, it was empty. But most likely, there is much more to discover going through those old school books. Whispers from a time gone by. For now, I and my family will saviour the lost and found and dwell in newly restored memory.