Montag, 14. August 2017

Summer 17 Sketches & Studies and a daily quote - Robbys Boat

Quote from the Book Vincent van Gogh - Letters to his brother

'Making studies, in my view, is sowing the seed. And painting is the harvest.'

Deutscher Text aus dem Buch:
'Das Studienmachen betrachte ich als Säen, und das Bildermachen ist ernten.'

Robbys Boat - pencil in sketchbook (a little smeared because lag of fixation)
40 degrees plus understandably crossed plans of working mainly with oil this summer, reducing the artistic effort to quick pencil studies in a sketchbook. The synergy of this and a deep appreciation of van Goghs passion, love, the all consuming commitment to become an artist, evolved into the idea of combining some quotes from the above mentioned book and some sketches from my summer vacation in Croatia.

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