Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

First Live-Drawing-Session... Ever!

A bit hidden in the internet and else not well known, the drawing club I visited yesterday evening seemed a bit like a secret society. They all know one another very well from the art academy way back... greeting hugs & kisses, they pursue a decades long tradition. Initiated by their former art teacher, they regularly get together to draw from live models. I never would have known this is happening just right around my corner, if it was not for my wife. Probably disguised as a local, small art school by day, it just took a little slip of comment from the instructor whiles chatting.

Actually, this small group of artists turned out to be a very friendly and welcoming bunch and we had a great evening drawing, painting & drinking wine. The model was a young, outstandingly well build guy. He posed, and this was the only thing I was not prepared for, in intervals of 10-15 minutes. Going bold with quick lines and shading was an exercise I am very much in need of, I realized. But there are sessions coming up, which I am looking forward to attending, since drawing from live models seems to be a rare opportunity in this town.

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