Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

You never know

Those ten minutes before she closes her eyes, I do not find her more relaxed. And beautiful in many ways. Those were the reasons, I wanted to turn this image into a drawing. But I remember being frustrated over the outcome of this painting. The pencil drawing looked fine and I already figured out the technique. But the final transition from dark to light proved to be difficult. Plan was to try pointillism but I ended up using the black ink I started with on a dry brush and work my way into the light. I may not even have finished it before storing it for good in some drawer.

Yesterday, while cleaning and rearranging our living room, I found it. And it made me remember what I have heard and read now a couple of times from different artists lately: Keep your drawings out of sight at least for a year, no matter how terrible you find them. Either, you will be much surprised and wonder why on earth you ever considered it trash. Or you may use it to compare with your recent drawings, checking progress. Or... okay, now it is time to throw it in the dumpster.

'At bed' - Paddy 2013 

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