Freitag, 24. April 2015

BirthDAY? Bah! Boooooring!!!

My very lucky wife got something special for her 40th Birthday (August last year). Not a BirthDAY... but BirthWEEK! A week... yes, that would keep her busy reminding her how special she is to me.

The Days were divided into themes and with those themes came a drawing. I wanted them to be perfect. So, it happened, that I shredded one at 1 am, sat in the bathroom (no idea, why that motivated me) and finished it by 3 am.

DAY 1 - The all mighty start of my wife's Birthweek
The gift was time. In advance I booked a cleaning help and we went off together on a wonderful day.

DAY 2 - It tends to take over a lot of day
So let's make the fitness torture a bit more pleasant with some pretty and useful sports gifts.

DAY 3 - All about the hobby
You geocachers might feel this situation. Well, it is the price to pay for not being prepared.

Common, run guys! Only 240 meters to the northwest! *Battery less than 10% left*

DAY 4 - When she is not busy working her bones
Relaxing and putting on something really nice & fancy after a warm bath. Cost me a fortune but worth it every penny...

The bar is set high now... buddy!

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