Montag, 13. Februar 2017

Fit to go wall?

One thing my wife keeps complaining about, is, that I paint and draw so tiny. Those little sketchbooks are okay, fine, you know. But can't hang'em on the wall! Alright, maybe it should be more of a focus. Not like, there is nothing to show off from my past ambitions. It has been a while, though, since my mind was set on framing. Good idea then, to stay comfy in my zone for now and use pen and ink and not mess with colors, thinner, medium, etc.

I remember, turning right on a shopping street in Ljubljana last year, going through that dark archway, 'cause I spotted a painting on an easel back there. Kind of wasn't ready for that slap-in-the-face backyard romantic!

Do you sometimes dream about homes? A new home? Like a really, really beautiful one, out of this world home, maybe even surreal? I do. A little bit more rent? Moving? Jep... plays into it, even then. What the hell! For this, I sacrifice. And waking up, carrying the beauty you found into reality. Lately, it is hard to spot. Got to really look for it! If it's a dream, well, fine. Actually seeing, experiencing, pushing your effort and idea out into the world, maybe as a drawing... it is all about dwelling, extending the fade out.

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