Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

DR. SKETCHY’S ANTI ART SCHOOL - also a great resource for photo reference...

... if you cannot be there in person. 'Dr. Sketchy is when Cabaret meets life drawing'. It is a rare opportunity to draw from accordingly-to-the-theme dressed up live models. The "Faster, Pussykatz! Sketch! Sketch!" Session is what you will miss this coming weekend in Berlin. Luckily, should you be living too far away, like me, or just do not have time to take part, you can visit their Facebook or homepage to look up pictures, which were taken at the event. Turns out, you hardly find any better photo reference if you are looking for a theme like: 'Animals Are People Too', 'The End Of The World' or 'The Little Red Riding Hood'. Have fun browsing their stock! At least I will be using it extensively for private drawing practice.

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