Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

Project Duesseldorf Thumbnails - Harbor #2

On our second trip to the Duesseldorf Media-Harbor I sketched some more buildings which, I believe, define the uniqueness of this area. Either they are newly build, like 1) 'Colorium', finished in 2011 and the highest building around or are repaired: Nr. 3, now called 'Small Villa', used to also be one. It is the smallest of them all and appears really tiny and cramped. But in my eyes it is the most beautiful. It now houses offices and an Italian restaurant. 2) used to be a silo, and now is referred to as a building of historic importance. A sign was placed hanging from the front wall with people on it carrying sacks of something, probably flour. I will have to find out.

In reality, not all of the buildings stand side by side. I placed them together to capture the difference of height. This are pretty small sketches, too. 13x9 cm, starting with watercolor and wrapping it up with a 0.05 black pen.

Because it was getting late, I did not want to start the Roggendorf-House, also a silo, from scratch. An idea, how this building looks from farther away is shown in the lower right corner of the second drawing. All in all, 24 'Flossis' figures found their home climbing up the front wall. Five more even try to conquer the building right next to it. It is just a crazy sight!

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