Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

Got some time... like 30 min?

Looks wonky, off, legs are too short, hips too high, head too big, body bends in a weird way... Some and more problems, I am fighting with drawing the human body. What's missing? Definitely fundamental knowledge of proportion, bones, muscles... etc. And lazy or unmotivated as I am, I did not actively seek out the scientific study of the human body yet. So, how to get to a productive and fun starting point?

Luckily, I stumbled about two YouTube video resources doing the trick for me. I realized, I concentrated too much on just copying parts of the body. The flow and movement of the entire figure, how parts are linked, how muscles interact and to portray the roundness of the form did not concern me much. But, being frustrated of things coming out strange, I started watching people, specifically looking for one detail... let's say the thickness of the neck and how it connects the head and upper body. But much more effective for me is having stills, where I have the time to study that particular part, different poses and also drawing under time pressure.

Nude or non nude-model sessions from the New Masters Academy YouTube Channel take half a hour to complete. Starting with one minute poses, where you just don't have the time to get into detail. Where you are forced to find the flow, the line and movement of the body. To more lengthy five minute sessions where maybe even shading is coming into play. It all is presented as pictures of models posing, male or female, displayed for a specific time.

Here Glenn Vilppu gives you a demonstration how he tackles these sessions... in great style.

Croquis Cafe is taking it a step further: Nude models are recorded on video. Also starting with quick sessions to help you loosen up.

Practicing with these videos helps me to see the figure in its' entirety. Even trains my memory. It is good, not having to look up too much, when you only have a minute to complete the pose. Connections are made and more than often, you will find yourself amazed by how realistic your drawing suddenly looks if you just get that bump on the shoulder, sorry: deltoid muscle, right.

New Masters Academy Youtube Channel:
Croquis Cafe:
Glenn Vilppu in action:

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