Donnerstag, 10. März 2016

One Grande Latte, please... for here

There were way more participants than there are on my cup! Actually, our Urban Sketchers regional group Duesseldorf/Cologne broke its' record last Sunday at the Starbucks Café Leverkusen, Germany. More than 15 people got together to sketch in this cozy store and spend the afternoon with a welcoming host, yummy lattes and tastes of juicy cake.

There was some commotion going on, I was told, since it was an unregular open Sunday at the mall. People streamed into the place the whole 6 opening hours. Despite overly human concentration on my part and so, not being aware of much around me, I ultimately failed my set goal to draw every single member of our happy group of sketchers. Tells you something about my work speed. Also, I took some time off, giving a radio interview for a local station (which sucked on my part, by the way... hope they cut out, like, everything!).

So much creativity and felt interest of the people watching us sketch... I dearly love our monthly get-togethers. Starbucks, the embodiment of urban and lifestyle, and the team (or shall I say partners) in Leverkusen did their part to make this memory last.

What else... here are some close-ups of the penciled Starbucks cup, I took home with me:

A little... ok, way over my head: The Extra-Special-Making-Of, which you get only in this blog:

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    1. Davon mal abgesehen, dass Du die Allererste bist, die überhaupt hier im Blog kommentiert hat... vielen, lieben Dank!

  2. Also, dieser Satz "I dearly love our monthly get-togethers." gefällt mir außerordentlich gut, Paddy!