Mittwoch, 30. März 2016

Hiking in Austria

Easter vacation in Austria is skiing time... for my family, that is. I, myself, resort to exploring the surroundings on hiking trips. I am not just terrible on ski but also a pain as a hiking partner! Chances are, I take a lot of unannounced long breaks, pulling out the book, sketching whatever strokes my eye. Consequently, I am on my own most of the time. Which does not really bother me, though.

Two days ago, we brought our daughter to a doctor, about 20 km away from where we stay. Since it was just a harmless precaution visit, I felt free to roughly plan out the trip back on foot. Walking on the sunny side of the valley Kaunertal, I passed Castle Berneck, which sadly was closed at this time. I peeked through some holes in the door, but that was just about it of what I saw of the inside. Castles, in general, are a prominent site: Built to impress, taking center stage of the surrounding area. Could I resist?

Occasionally, I had to guess or just ask around for my way home. A friendly fellow named Klaus, living right by such a confusing crossroad, invited me in and we started to chat. We got along pretty well and watching and listening to him, I remembered one of my favorite artists doing sketches of interesting people he meets. Giving it a shot, I asked Klaus if he would be alright with me drawing him. He probably did not expect this question, but since we created a comfortable atmosphere, I found the courage and he his trust.

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